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Intel chiefs privately confirm what they wouldn't tell senate panel: Trump asked them to refute Russia collusion
Watch this! ►  Trump caught lying repeatedly during fascistic Iowa rally
Trump Turns an Iowa Rally into a Venting Session
Flynn may have aided Russian company the US opposed
Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions
Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. emerge as possible targets in Mueller probe of Russian money laundering


Texas group that fueled Trump voter fraud claim scales back 2016 election audit
Dem: Pelosi more toxic than Trump in some areas of the country
DC cops used 'rape as punishment' after Inauguration Day mass arrests, lawsuit says
Trump appointee has made $430,000 this year alone lobbying for Saudi Arabia
New leaks from classified Russia briefings with intel chiefs:Trump had "suggested" they publicly state there was no collusion between his campaign team and Russia
Donald Trump says he doesn't want a 'poor person' handling economy
White House Tries to Get G.O.P. to Water Down Russia Sanctions Bill
Opioids kill as many Americans as three wars combined
Sen. Al Franken: AG Sessions is 'avoiding' the Senate Judiciary Committee
Democrats Ask Why Jared Kushner Still Has a Security Clearance
Pro-KKK protesters chant 'Trump! Trump!' at Florida rally to change Confederate-named streets
Tom Cotton's self-proclaimed 'bigot' intern calls Paul Ryan a 'cuck' and the British 'fa**ots'
ROFL ►  Montana Dems send orange jumpsuit for Gianforte's first day in Congress
Deportation-threatened Ground Zero worker granted clemency by New York's Democratic governor
FBI: Gunman acted alone in shooting of congressman
Today's Johnson Hearing Glossed Over One of the FBI's Most Epic Fails
Michael Moore: Dems have 'no message, no plan, no leaders'
Analysis ►  Jon Ossoff's campaign played nice — and Republican attack ads knocked him out
Donald Trump admitted in 2007 that he had invested in Russia
Scalise's condition upgraded to fair
Scott Pruitt dismisses dozens more EPA science advisers
Queen Does Not Want Trump in the U.K., Refuses to Mention His Visit in State Speech
Missouri attorney general sues opioid manufacturers
Trump golf club demands massive tax break from New York town — and wealthy locals are furious
'Resist Trump? That's not an agenda': Fox guest accidentally offers good advice after Dem loss in Georgia
Trump gloats after Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia special election
'It's going to end Medicaid': Ex-Medicare administrator slams GOP's 'monstrosity' of a health bill
Analysis ►  There are deep forces in American society that are driving the current political crisis

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) undecided on 2018 reelection run | Bernie Sanders isn't backing Tim Canova in his second bid against Wasserman Schultz | Apparently Democrats Need An Agenda to Win. Apparently Republicans Don't | Franken: 'I don't want to be president' | Karen Handel Wins Georgia Special Election, Fending Off Upstart Democrat
No major religious groups - and not even Republicans - support anti-LGBT discrimination laws: poll
Here's why the Koch brothers have so much influence on Trump | Jon Ossoff's loss in Georgia came with a hefty price tag
Trumps suggests creating law that has been enacted since 1996 | GOP congressman sorry for claiming Bill Clinton threatened to kill Loretta Lynch over email probe
The face of Republican evil: It's not Donald Trump | Mark Sanford's Dem challenger won't back Pelosi for speaker | 'That was a leading question': Ex-DHS chief wrecks Trey Gowdy's partisan spin by refusing to 'argue' with him | Who Is Karen Handel, Winner of the Georgia Special Election?
There are real paid protesters — but they're all right wingers | Pro-Trump Protest at Shakespeare in the Park Was — Ready for It — STAGED By Trolls
Democrats link US debt limit vote to Republican tax cut moves
Blue Dog Democrats meet with top Trump aides on tax reform
Former White House chief of staff: Current 'chaos' a reflection of Trump | Trump touts Goldman Sachs alum at rally after bashing Clinton for connections to firm | Trump seizes on Republican victory in Georgia to push agenda | Donald Trump boasts about construction of Panama Canal before being reminded it was built 100 years | Trump heads to heartland for tech push | Daily Mail editor pulls out of talks for White House job | Sen. Al Franken mocks 'gullible' Trump after president's China tweet interrupts MSNBC interview
Morning Joe panel slams 'dear leader' Trump with horrifying 2-minute mashup of his Iowa lies | Wall Street Journal reporter fired for business ties to Iranian-born source who trafficked weapons for CIA | Anti-abortion protesters face lawsuit over harassment
Fox News host Sean Hannity pushes another conspiracy theory: Trump is facing a secret 'soft coup'
Watch this! ►  Analysis ►  Rachel Maddow lays out the 'spooky' connection between Russian hacking and GOP voter data | Donald Trump admitted in 2007 that he had invested in Russia | Ex-DHS secretary says Putin directly ordered disruption of 2016 election | Russian hackers targeted 21 U.S. states during election: U.S. official | Former homeland secretary says FBI delayed notification of cyber hack | Gangsta-in-chief: Trump has lengthy, close ties to Russian mobsters and money laundering | Senate Dem: It's 'puzzling' that Spicer says he hasn't talked to Trump about Russian hacking | Top Dem: Trump slowing pace of Senate Intel probe | Mueller meets with House leaders amid Trump-Russia probe | Watch this! ►  Keith Olbermann slam dunks Trump's biggest fear: Could the FBI have its own Comey tapes? | C.I.A. Feared Flynn Could Be Blackmailed, but Its Director Told Him Secrets | Spicer won't say if Trump believes overwhelming evidence of Russian election interference
US military establishment studying ancient Greece to avoid war with China — but Steve Bannon wants it | Pentagon spent $28 million too much on forest uniforms for Afghan troops | US fighter jet shoots down pro-Syrian regime drone
Michigan Airport Stabbing: Officer Attacked in Possible Terror Incident | Gunman in Lawmaker Shooting Had Photographed Washington Landmarks, F.B.I. Says | Brussels train station attacker identified as Moroccan man with nail bomb | Senators Wrestle with Updating Law Authorizing War on Terrorist Groups | Brussels train station explosion sees suspect with explosives belt shot by troops as passenger fle
Boris Johnson: Trump's UK visit will go ahead | Trump turns on China over North Korea | Portman slams North Korea in speech honoring Ohio native Otto Warmbier | Trump's visit to the United Kingdom appears to be called off | State Department issues unusual public warning to Saudi Arabia and UAE over Qatar rift | House Republicans block Russia sanctions bill | Trump administration lays groundwork for NAFTA negotiations | State Dept. Lashes Out at Gulf Countries Over Qatar Embargo | State Dept. 'mystified' Gulf states haven't released details on Qatar claims
Trump's Preferred Candidate Wins Again, This Time in Saudi Arabia | Police and military death squads killed 36 in El Salvador between 2014 and 2016 | Saudi Arabia's key crown prince is deposed | UK PM May's talks to stay in power with Northern Irish DUP not going as expected: DUP sources
Texas couple sent to prison during 90's 'Satanic panic' child abuse hysteria exonerated after 25 years
Jeff Sessions' ideas about crime are totally wrong — and the consequences can be tragic | Justice Dept. to Work with 12 Cities to Fight Violent Crime | Seth Rich Update: DNC Staffer Murdered By Serial Killer, Not in Botched Robbery, Report Claims
Robert Mueller gets a TIME cover: "The lie detector" | 'This is just funny — not fake news': View hosts mock Ivanka Trump's inability to laugh about awkward Rubio hug | As Senate health care vote looms, Colorados Cory Gardner says GOP should have been more open
No paper trial: Georgia's antiquated voting system prevents an audit for hacks
Travis Kalanick resigns as Uber CEO
Lawmakers would be able to carry concealed guns everywhere, under Republican's bill
Stalemate in Albany May End de Blasio's Control of NYC Schools | Former credit, prepaid-card executive to lead U.S. student loan program
Senate health-care draft repeals Obamacare taxes, provides bigger subsidies for low-income Americans | 'It's heartbreaking': Physician says patients regularly refuse to be treated by non-white doctors | Watch this! ►  McConnell unwittingly captures everything wrong with Trumpcare in one 25-second clip | Analysis ►  Mitch McConnell is betting voters won't punish GOP for Trumpcare — because they already hate Congress | With Health Law in Flux, Insurers Scramble to Meet Filing Deadline | Trio of conservative Republicans rip Senate healthcare process | In fiery Senate floor speech, Bernie Sanders savages Republicans for their secretive health care bill
Trump lawyers make final Supreme Court pitch on travel ban | 'Terrifying for all of us': Farmers in Kansas Trump country fear their workforce being deported
Coal Lobbyist Jeff Holmstead Expected to Join Trump EPA
Woman punched on Istanbul bus for wearing shorts
Competing Alt-Right 'Free Speech' Rallies Reveal Infighting Over White Nationalism | White nationalist figure claims bodyguard attack a hate crime | Killing of Muslim teen near Va. mosque stemmed from road rage, police say
'Don't give up' Joe Biden urges LGBT community
Groups file lawsuits over new Arkansas abortion restrictions