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Watch this! ►  In less than one minute, John McCain immolates Trump, Bannon, and "half-baked spurious nationalism"
Trump Lies Outright About Obama, Says Former Prez Didn't Contact Families of Fallen Soldiers
Trump Said He Wanted "A Little Time to Pass" Before Calling the Families of Soldiers Killed 12 Days Ago
Trump's drug czar nominee just got stuffed into the political wood-chipper: Explosive DEA exposé provides opening on opioids
Comey Drafted Statement Ending Clinton Email Investigation Months Before Interviewing Her, FBI Confirms
Veteran journalist Bob Schieffer: Trump media attacks are 'undermining the foundations of our democracy'
Trump Is Only Person in the White House Who Wants Iran Deal Scrapped
Somalia Militant Group Al Shahad Garners Attention After Mogadishu Truck Bombs Kill at Least 276
Trump Family Spending Millions on Legal Fees in the Russian Probe, Campaign Records Show


Watch this! ►  Analysis ►  'You can't buy class': Don Lemon nails why Trump is so obsessively jealous of Obama
Trump Says He'll Consider Pulling Drug Czar Nomination
White House 'completely blew off' Oversight Committee request for private email use by Kushner and other top aides
Trump Chief of Staff Kelly ordered ICE to label immigrants 'criminals' to justify mass raids
Firm behind explosive Trump-Russia dossier blasts Devin Nunes and refuses to comply with his subpoena
Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran's Health Woes Narrow Republican Majority
New Jersey Man Found Guilty in Chelsea Bombing
Watch this! ►  Shep Smith lambastes Trump for claiming 'Obamacare is dead': 'It is still the law of the land'
'A F–king Lie!': Obama Aides Blast Trump for Saying Obama Didn't Call Families of Fallen Soldiers
Tom Cotton, noted warhawk, could be leading the CIA
Ivanka Trump Shivved Christie, Helped Get Mike Flynn in White House By Praising His 'Amazing Loyalty'
Firm behind Trump dossier declines to respond to House panel's subpoena
Florida Republican Candidate Believes Aliens Abducted Her When She Was 7 Years Old and Still Talk to Her
Comey Drafted Statement Ending Clinton Email Investigation Months Before Interviewing Her, FBI Confirms
Trump Impeachment Articles Could Soon Gain Republican Support, House Democrat Claims
Colin Kaepernick sues the NFL for collusion, slams Trump for 'political provocation'
John Kelly is trying to solve the problem of Trump's empty administration
Federal judge: Texas governor was wrong to remove atheist group's Winter Solstice display
Big Pharma Wrote Bill That Crippled DEA Fight Against Opioid Epidemic
Corruption case against US Senator Menendez may fall apart
What the founding fathers actually meant by the Second Amendment might surprise you
The Air Force Just Bought 100 Stealth Fighters That Cant Fight
National security expert: 'Humiliated' Priebus and Spicer are big threats to Trump in Mueller probe
Analysis ►  The Death of Four Elite U.S. Soldiers in Niger Shows Why Trump Must Wake Up on Terrorism in Africa
Trump Continues to Veil His Racism with Patriotism And His Supporters Love It
Jeff Sessions Joins Fight for Justice for Murdered Transgender Teen
House Republican Finally Grows a Pair: Says He Thinks Trump Should Be Impeached

Trump Wants to Run in 2020 Election Against the Woman He Already Beat: Hillary Clinton | Analysis ►  Not on the Ballot, but Dominating the Virginia Governor's Race: Trump | Pence Draws Only 1/3rd of the Crowd Size Expected at a Rally in Virginia | Collins: Bannon's rhetoric about McConnell 'not helpful'
Super PAC linked to McConnell raises $7.1M in third quarter
Republican U.S. Senator Cochran postpones return to Washington | Democrat: Corker was 'extremely patient' with Trump
Watch this! ►  Analysis ►  Robert Reich destroys pro-Trump economist for lying about tax cuts 'benefits' to the middle class | Schumer blasts WH paper on corporate tax cuts | Trump, Democrats spar over whether tax plan will help middle class (hint: it won't in any substantial way)
'It's a mystery': Reporters tell MSNBC's Ari Melber the White House refuses to say what Ivanka does | NBA coach Popovich lambastes 'unfit' Trump as a 'soulless coward' for not calling families of slain soldiers | Analysis ►  President Trump Made Nice to Steve Bannon to Keep His Base Happy | Mike Pence Was 'Full of Shit' When He Was a Young Republican Candidate, VP's Brother Says | Trump Blames Democrats and 'Some Republicans' for Stalled Agenda | GOP strategist warns of 'great danger': Trump grows more 'unhinged and unraveled' every week | 'Everyone is upset': John Kelly's push to fill vacant administration jobs rankles White House staff | Analysis ►  Jeff Flake's Lesson for Republicans: Cross Trump at Your Own Risk
From Russia with love: Memo tries, fails, to exculpate Donald Trump Jr. | 'Straight out of the Trump playbook': MSNBC's Velshi & Ruhle blast Wilbur Ross for hiding $2 billion in assets | Judge declines to dismiss bribery charges against U.S. Senator Menendez | Trump's Tax Returns Will Remain Secret for Now, Thanks to a Veto by California's Jerry Brown | Josh Duggar loses lawsuit against tabloid and officials who revealed his child molestation scandal | Kushner family may end up losing control of troubled Fifth Avenue tower
Trump repeats conspiracy theory about Obama when pressed on contacting families of fallen soldiers
Republicans Pretend Russia Investigator Robert Mueller and His Subordinates Have Conflicts of Interest | Is Facebook blocking access to data about Russian infiltration in the 2016 election? | Clinton brands WikiLeaks boss 'tool of Russian intelligence' | Russian internet trolls were ordered to watch 'House of Cards' before 2016 election attack: report | Clinton Compares Russian Interference in Election to 9/11 | Trump Family Spending Millions on Legal Fees in the Russian Probe, Campaign Records Show
Analysis ►  Trump's Plan to Back Oil Companies Would Hurt Rural Jobs And the People Who Voted for Him
Man Captured By Taliban Thought a Joke Was Being Played When He Was Told Trump Is POTUS | Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty, says Trump's comments prevented a fair trial | North Korea Says It Tested Its Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb Yet Because of the U.S.' 'Belligerent Policy' | Man Rescued from Taliban Didn't Believe Donald Trump Was President | Kirkuk: Oil Rich Iraqi City Brings Iran-Backed Militias And America's Kurdish Allies to the Brink of War | U.S. Families in South Korea Practise Fleeing from North Korea Military Strike | North Korea Threat: Mattis Wants Army Leaders to Read This Book to Prepare
Philippines Army Kills Isis Leaders; Commander Vows 'To End These Terrorists' in Marawi
New York woman receives death threats against her children after 'unmasking' KKK members
Senate confirms Callista Gingrich as U.S. Ambassador to Vatican | Trump Blames Cuba for Attacks That Sickened U.S. Diplomats | Suspected North Korea 'Mad Dog Trump' Leaflets Reach Seoul | Rex Tillerson Massages Trump's Ego, But Still Wants to Stay in Iran Nuclear Deal | Al Franken: Trump's Iran decision 'undercuts our leadership' | War with North Korea: Will Trump Make a Deal with China to Save the World? | Even Russia Is Slamming North Korea, Despite Blaming U.S. for Missile Launch
Supreme Court to consider major digital privacy case on Microsoft email storage
Harvey Weinstein Latest: Four More Women Come Forward, Two Rape Allegations Made | Van Jones: 'We Are So into the Crazy Now When Something Significant Happens We Don't Notice' | The real power of Michael Moore: He came to comedy from activism, not the other way around | Analysis ►  Study: Hannity's treatment of Trump's Russia scandal takes an authoritarian turn
Boston Fed's President Makes Case for Interest Rate Hikes
Pa. insurance department says Obamacare rates to rise 30.6 percent | Collins 'disappointed' in Trump's actions on health care
Nasa Hasn't Confirmed Existence of Planet 9: What We Know about the 'Planet' at the Edge of the Solar System | Groundbreaking discovery revealed: Scientists have detected gravitational waves and light from star collision
Clams and Worms at the Depths of the Ocean Are Releasing More Methane into the Atmosphere Than 20,000 Cows
Watch this! ►  Trump's Puerto Rico failure is 'a national disgrace,' says former Republican Joe Scarborough | Trump can't stop blaming Puerto Ricans for the island's humanitarian crisis | Thousands without power in Ireland as freak hurricane batters island with 109 mph winds | Puerto Rico governor wants 95 percent of power on island restored by Dec. 15 | Dem asks DHS to investigate water in Puerto Rico
Trump administration imposing new email security protocols for agencies
White nationalist, proto-Nazi "alt-right" meets Christian right: a marriage made in hell
Hundreds of people walk 11-year-old Utah boy home from school after bullies shout racial slurs | Florida Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Racist Media Whore Richard Spencer's Visit to Gainesville | Watch this! ►  White conservative gets stomped for lecturing black CNN guests on how to protest racial injustice
Watch this! ►  Fox host rips men over girl Thomas the Tank: 'I'm about to have a girl and I don't think it ends her childhood'