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Trump Knew Before His Inauguration Putin Probably Ordered Cyberattacks on U.S. Election
Maria Butina, Suspected Secret Agent, Used Sex in Covert Plan, Prosecutors Say
Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Romanced GOP Powerbroker, Feds Say
Kavanaugh's SCOTUS Seat in Trouble Over Video: He Would Overturn Counsel Rule
Mueller Team And Attorneys for Roger Stone Aide Meet in Sealed DC Courtroom


Jared Kushner Has Repeatedly Dodged Being Served Russian Conspiracy Lawsuit, DNC Lawyers Claim in Court
New York governor opens door to criminal case against Trump Foundation
White House Reporters Try New Tactic: Solidarity
Watch this! ►  MSNBC's Rachel Maddow demands to know how Russia knew Trump was thinking of appointing Mitt Romney
Former CIA Russia expert: 'Something is going on behind the scenes' with Trump and Putin
Reporter who asked Trump if Russia was targeting US: He was answering me when he said 'no'
Senate resolution backs intelligence community on Russian meddling
Analysis ►  "The national security implications of having a president who is clearly compromised include a massive moral dimension."
US judge orders accused Russian agent Maria Butina jailed
Watch this! ►  At 2015 Town Hall, Trump Tells Maria Butina He'll End Sanctions
California GOP Congressman Rohrabacher met with accused Russian agent Maria Butina in St. Petersburg
Ex-Ambassador targeted by Putin has no confidence in Trump protecting him
Russia wants to interrogate ex-U.S. ambassador McFaul, other Americans in trumped-up "criminal" case
NRA's Wayne LaPierre 'shaking in his boots waiting for Mueller to come knocking': Ex-DOJ official
Rep. Mike Quigley: House Select Intelligence Committee Republicans Wouldn't Let Us Subpoena Butina
Trump's staunchest media allies are facing their biggest test yet — and some of them are finally abandoning him

Can a Pro-Coal Democrat in West Virginia Carve a Path for His Party? | Ted Cruz Challenger Beto O'Rourke Says He'd Vote to Impeach Trump After Putin Comments | AL-02: Roby, Trump critic, beats Bright in GOP primary
After Putin Meeting, Trump Voters Mostly Dig In. But Cracks Are Showing.
The Biggest Spender of Political Ads on Facebook? President Trump
Republican National Committee tops $200 million in fundraising ahead of midterms
Tucker Carlson Blames Mexico for 'Packing the Electorate'
Dem lawmaker calls on House to subpoena American translator from Trump-Putin meeting | Democrats Demand Action to Punish Trump, but G.O.P. Is Cautious | Watch this! ►  MSNBC conservatives call for Congress to censure Trump and strip McConnell of power after Putin appeasement in Helsinki | Republicans Scramble to Contain Trump's Damage
Trump baby coming to America
Analysis ►  Trump regret syndrome is spreading like a wildfire as reality finally sets in | Trump Appears to Say Russia Is No Longer Targeting U.S. White House Says He Was Answering a Different Question. | Analysis ►  Trump Tanks His Own Putin Walk-Back During One of the 'Worst Moments of His Presidency' | Kelly lobbied Republicans to rebuke Trump after Putin press conference | Trump Wrote 'No Collusion' with Black Marker in Prepared Remarks on Putin—And Misspelled It | Trump Does a 180, Now Says He Accepts U.S. Intelligence Reports on Russian Election Meddling | Trump skipped post-Helsinki intelligence briefing to lie in bed and watch cable news: MSNBC | Barack Obama Condemns 'Alternative Facts' in Mandela Lecture | Watch this! ►  Fox News' Trish Regan: Trump 'Should Have Defended Us!' | WSJ editors furiously blister president for 'kowtowing to the Kremlin' in Helsinki for personal profit | Morning Joe guest: Trump 'surrendered the Cold War' to Putin when he 'threw America under the bus' in Helsinki | Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein: 'Serious people in both parties are questioning' Trump's loyalty to America | West Wing revolts after Trump embraces Putin | Sen. Corker (R-TN): "The dam has broken" | America Shocked to Discover There's a Traitor in the Oval Office | Analysis ►  Arrogant Trump is in Putin's pocket — and he wants everyone to know it | Trump angrily rants about universally negative reaction to Putin summit: 'Fake News is going Crazy!' | Rep. Schiff on Trump Presser: 'It Was a Stunning Betrayal of the Country'
Read the Transcript of Obama's Speech Defending Democracy
VA Officials Accused of Using Trump-Era Law to Target Low-Level Workers and Whistleblowers | It's probably time for Joe Arpaio to log off the internet | Jury convicts ex-N.Y. state senate leader of soliciting bribes | Alleged Russian Spy, Butina, Convinced John Bolton to Make Video for Her Russian Gun Rights Group | Ohio State Knew Richard Strauss' Sex Abuse Was Rampant—and Did Nothing: Lawsuit
'They got to him': Trump creates conspiracy theory to justify ex-intel director's recent attacks | GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Finally Rebukes Alex Jones and InfoWars
Trump now says he holds Putin personally responsible for election meddling | Judge denies Manafort's request to suppress evidence | Maria Butina: accused spy was in contact with Russian intelligence, prosecutors say | Trump himself gave the go-ahead to Rod Rosenstein to hand out 12 Russian hacker indictments prior to Putin meeting | Judge denies motion by Trump ex-campaign chief Paul Manafort to move Virginia trial | Analysis ►  The Russians Play the Long Game with the NRA | 'Putin's Favorite Congressman' Now Engulfed in NRA Spy Case | More Russians Under Mueller Scrutiny for Seychelles Meetings | In his prepared remarks, Trump removed a line about bringing election hackers to justice | Cambridge Analytica Data Was Accessed by Russia
Trump now says no 'time limit' to denuclearize North Korea, notes 'Putin is going to be involved' | Trump's defense chief open to first talks with Russian counterpart | Putin Jet Trespassed in NATO Airspace on Way to Summit, Estonia Says
Trump Refuses to Call Russia an Adversary Because They 'Really Helped Us' During World War Two | Trump Again Breaks with Intel Chief Over Russia | The Queen Wears Brooch the Obamas Gave Her for Trump Visit | Trump's new embassy in Jerusalem is costing about 100 times more than he said it would | Opinion ►  SLC Trib: Russian Ambassador John Huntsman should resign
North Korea Is Slavery Capital of the World, Report Says | The Brexit Campaign Cheated Its Way to Victory
Donald Trump's fight with his own intelligence services will only get worse
California Supreme Court blocks measure that would have divided state into three
Man killed by Chicago police was trying to show officers his gun license when they blindsided him
FCC says Sinclair-Tribune deal may violate the law | MSNBC analyst: Trump's war on detractors beginning to mirror Putin's murderous attacks on critics | House Republican backs effort to restore net neutrality rules | Journalist Dragged Out of Trump-Putin Presser. Why Did Media Ignore It?
Voting-Machine Vendor Put Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to U.S.
Manufacturers in every corner of America are worried about Trump's tariffs
Appalling: MGM Resorts Sues Over 1,000 Las Vegas Gun Violence Victims to Avoid Liability in Massacre
'Morally repugnant': Homeland Security advisory council members resign over immigration policies
Charges dropped against other women arrested with Stormy Daniels in Ohio — Avenatti says officials vowing probe of sting | Avenatti calls Trump a 'Manchurian candidate' in front of the White House
Trump-loving skinhead group led by GOP official beats up black man at Pennsylvania bar: police | Racists caught on video pelting black bicyclist with bottles along Chattanooga road | 10 black students falsely accused of "dine and dash" from IHOP
Trump Nominee Is Behind Anti-Union Legal Campaign