Posted by on January 13, 2021 11:16 am
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From CBS’s Long Island affiliate:

A Queens man who may have been involved in a new plot against the U.S. Capitol is in FBI custody.

It’s one of several investigations into local people, including some who allegedly participated in last week’s deadly riot.

The NYPD tells CBS2 the Queens man has been on the department’s radar before. He’s now accused of making threats online about the capitol.

He was identified as 40-year-old Edward Florea, of Middle Village.

The joint terrorism task force is holding him on weapons charges after he allegedly wrote online that he is a member of the Proud Boys and wanted to arm people to travel to Washington, D.C.

“They’re openly advocating violence. That in and of its self is a crime,” security expert and former FBI agent Manny Gomez told CBS2. “All local, city and federal law enforcement should be ready, and on standby, and have a plan and have leaders that will enforce that plan.”

He is not the only person from New York City caught in a national anti-terrorist dragnet.

Metro-North employee Will Pepe, who CBS2 was told called out sick to go to last week’s riot, is expected to be arraigned in federal court Wednesday.

Aaron Mosofsky, the 34-year-old son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, is potentially facing 10 years in prison after photos showed him at the capitol with a police riot shield and bulletproof vest.

So just who is this guy?

A LinkedIn profile indicates that Florea is a software engineer, but authorities have not yet provided further details about his identity.

It is especially telling that Florea was apprehended by the FBI’s elite Joint Terrorism Task Force. The FBI had issued a warning about organised thugs planning a war the day before the Capitol riot of January 6.