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Broccoli loves to soak up flavours: try it in these recipes for kimchi fried rice, and a salty-sour ponzu broccoli and nut salad

If I had to call it, broccoli would be my favourite vegetable (or at least a dead heat with potatoes). The way they soak up flavour is unmatched by any other vegetable. At this time of year, I cook mostly with purple sprouting broccoli, as it’s tasty and affordable. I love normal calabrese broccoli just as much: I love it cut thinly and cooked with garlic, chilli and olive oil until it becomes buttery, then tossed through pasta. This week, as I often do in my kitchen, I’ve taken it down a soy and chilli route, with kimchi fried rice, and a sunny yuzu lime-dressed broccoli.

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