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He may be obsessed with algorithms and employ a muscle specialist but brash American could just be his sport’s saviour

The second best moment in golf right now is the moment right before Bryson DeChambeau lines up a big drive. There’s the initial flurry of excitement as he unsheathes the big dog from his bag. A little sumo-bounce of the hips, the sense of an immense and gathering power. A couple of taps on the ground. And then the coil, the swing, the devastating crack of metal, which is – needless to say – the best part of all. Then lots of American men holler like caged animals, and DeChambeau howls something unintelligible before bounding down the fairway after the ball.

DeChambeau is 27 years old, is ranked No 5 in the world and has a record of one major win and one top-10 finish in 17 attempts. On the face of things, this is an unlikely platform from which to launch the single‑handed destruction of an entire sport. But none of this on its own seems to explain why DeChambeau inspires such awe and fear in equal measure: a product not just of his success, but the bold and iconoclastic way in which he has gone about it.

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