Posted by on April 18, 2019 2:34 am
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Photo illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos via Mike Cernovich

No one asked for fashion advice from Mike Cernovich, the prominent far-right internet troll. But then again, no one asked for Cernovich to push Pizzagate, write that “date rape does not exist,” or spread misinformation about Hillary Clinton’s health.

So here we are. The 41-year-old former lawyer and YouTube personality posted a sartorial manifesto on Tuesday in the form of a 25-tweet-long thread.

“I will start posting outfits for men to wear,” Cernovich began. Those with any self-preservation skills would have clicked away from the tweet so fast they risked bruising a finger; the rest of us scrolled on to see photos from ghosts of “Cernos” past.

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