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“This is something that’s important to me,” offered Don Lemon Friday night. “It’s important to me, it’s important to the LGBT community, and it’s important to the black community, and I am a proud member of both, so I feel obligated to speak out on this issue.”

On CNN Tonight, the cable-news host addressed the controversy surrounding Kevin Hart who, when offered the opportunity by the Academy to either apologize for his many past homophobic remarks or not host the Oscars, chose the latter.

Hart paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, and had an hour-long conversation with DeGeneres, herself a trailblazing gay comedian who almost lost her job when she publicly came out twenty years ago. But instead of expressing genuine contrition over his past comments, Hart chose to paint himself as a victim, claiming he was targeted by “an onslaught on social media” of his past, that he wasn’t even given “a full 24 hours to glow in the glory” of hosting the Oscars, that he’d “addressed” his homophobic remarks, which included several stand-up routines and hundreds of tweets and had already “apologized” for them in the past.

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