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No damned excuse:

A US Navy hospital ship currently docked in New York City harbor is treating only 20 patients, despite having a 1,000 bed capacity to treat non-coronavirus patients, according to a Navy spokesperson.

Navy officials told CNN that they expect the number of patients being treated to increase significantly in the coming days as the process of referring patients to the ship is refined.
The USNS Comfort was deployed to New York City, the epicenter of the virus outbreak in the United States, to free up capacity in the city’s civilian hospitals so that they can focus on treating coronavirus patients.
New York City’s hospitals have been overwhelmed with coronavirus cases and are struggling to respond to patients constantly streaming in. A shortage of personal protective equipment has also placed medical workers at risk of contracting the virus. On Thursday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the temporary hospital facility at the Javits Convention Center, which holds 2,500 beds, will now treat Covid-19 patients.

This is on Trump. The military got it right, but FEMA and the “Trump COVID-19 Task Force®” did nothing – NOTHING – to assure immediate transfer of non-COVID-19 patients.

The removal of Trump from office would save tens of thousands of lives. We need President Cuomo.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will issue an executive order allowing the state to confiscate unused ventilators and other medical equipment.

The Democratic governors said Friday he will sign the order authorizing the National Guard to commandeer personal protection equipment and other medical supplies needed to fight the coronavirus outbreak in New York City and elsewhere in his state.