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Entrepreneurs have been building businesses for thousands of years from the ideas of cultures before them

For as long as I can remember my now 80-year-old mother and I have been having lunch every week at the same delicatessen near my office in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. It’s called Katz’s Deli Kitchen and you can look it up. Katz’s Deli is excellent. The food is great and the service is consistent. Being Jewish I have a lot of experience eating at Jewish delis and, as Jewish delis (and small businesses) go, I consider Katz’s to be one of the best.

Oh, by the way, the owners aren’t Jewish. They’re Asian. Yes, Asian. The cooks are Asian and so are a few of the servers. As a Jewish guy, shouldn’t I be shocked? Offended? Outraged? Of course not. These are people that run a good business. So, good for them. Unfortunately, there are some that would disagree. Take what just happened in New York City this past week.

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