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Following comedian Jane Curtin’s now-viral joke on CNN about her New Year’s resolution to “make sure the Republican Party dies,” Fox & Friends invited a purported humor expert on the show to argue that it “wasn’t a joke” and that Curtin was genuinely hoping to kill members of the Republican Party.

The Saturday Night Live and Kate & Allie alum appeared live on CNN with other celebrities late Monday evening to provide joke resolutions, which included one by unpopular actress and writer Lena Dunham, who said she wanted to “to kiss more gay men on the lips consensually.” Actor Terrence Howard said he hoped to “break down the entire economic global infrastructure.”

Twitter responses to Curtin’s joke Monday night ranged from adoration to the sarcastic “stay classy, CNN” and criticisms about liberal hypocrisy. “The people tweeting how much they love Jane Curtin for saying this will be on back on Twitter by the end of the week crying about hateful rhetoric from the right,” one person wrote. “Pathetic cycle of hypocrisy every single day from these people.”

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