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The popularity of internet comics has ballooned in the past year, and talent agents are taking notice. But will viral lols translate to a long-term career?

Whether it is Munya Chawawa as the “posh MC” Unknown P on Instagram, Lou Sanders attempting rollerskating tricks on TikTok, or Alistair Green’s send-ups of arrogant politicians, conspiracy theorists and rude mums on Twitter, comedy videos are a constant cheering distraction in the infinite scroll of lockdown. While the rise of the viral comic started pre-pandemic – Mo Gilligan, now a Bafta-winner, first broke through on social media, while US comics such as Alyssa Limperis and Meg Stalter have been doing front-facing phone-camera videos for years – during lockdown, comedians who would usually be on stage were forced to find new ways to tell jokes. With more comics than ever gaining big online followings, the industry is reckoning with a big question: has Covid changed comedy for good – or is it a short-term boom?

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