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Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Before he makes his long-awaited return to HBO this coming Sunday, John Oliver kicked off the week on Monday with a sit-down with his old Daily Show colleague Stephen Colbert.

Asked if he’s “feeling good” with high confidence heading into the new season, Oliver laughed and replied, “Confidence high? No. My confidence is never high. Self-loathing high, concern astronomic.” When Colbert noted that Oliver is returning just after what could be the halfway point of Donald Trump’s presidency—saying, “the end is in sight”—he elaborated on those feelings.

“I definitely don’t have that kind of optimism. To say we’re halfway through his presidency I think is to ignore the concept of second term possibility. We are two to six years away from the end his presidency,” Oliver said. As audience members began to boo, he added, “Oh, wow. Are there some big Trump 2024 fans in here?”

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