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She was the rubber-knickered peroxide bombshell who put the sex into the Pistols. Now she’s written a memoir of her years causing outrage at the heart of punk

There’s a photograph of Jordan Mooney, standing outside the clothes shop Sex, that perfectly encapsulates her extraordinary impact. Sex was Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s London boutique, which sold their designs along with fetishwear. It is also where in-house band the Sex Pistols were incubated.

Jordan was more than a shop assistant: she was the embodiment of the Sex aesthetic. In the picture, she’s rocking a peroxide beehive, with a leotard, fishnet stockings and a sulky bombshell attitude – stopping a passing businessman in his tracks. The look on his face says it all: in 1976, the sight of someone like Jordan was astonishing.

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