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The disgraced film producer made a career of coordinating awards campaigns. His transformation on Wednesday into an enfeebled, poverty-stricken pensioner was an extraordinary masterclass of detail and daring

Oscar voters, clear your decks. There’s a new titan in town. Yes, Adam Driver was raw and vulnerable in Marriage Story. Sure, Joaquin Phoenix managed to transform his entire body for Joker. But ask yourself this: have you ever seen a performer as completely dedicated to the sanctity of his craft as Harvey Weinstein was yesterday?

God, it was magnificent. When you think of Harvey Weinstein, a certain image appears in your mind. A big gruff bull of a man, stout and strong and powerful; a man who charged through life, stopping only to wildly overeat or ruin a director’s carefully assembled vision or coerce a number of vulnerable women into uncomfortable sexual acts. That’s the Harvey Weinstein you know.

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