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For the Canadian/Korean actor, hosting tonight’s Golden Globes is part of a lifelong mission towards full representation of Asians on our screens

In 1993, Sandra Oh, who plays the eponymous MI6 agent in the hit TV show Killing Eve, went to the cinema to see The Joy Luck Club. Wayne Wang’s film about four Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-born daughters had a big impact on the young Canadian-Korean actor. An adaptation of Amy Tan’s 1989 novel, it left her “shuddering, weeping … weeping more than really the film deserved”, Oh has recalled, so emotional was she about finally watching the experience of Asian immigrants on the screen.

Later today, Oh’s place in the entertainment industry is to be recognised twice over, as she co-hosts the Golden Globe awards at a Beverly Hills ceremony in which she is also the first Asian nominee for “best actress in a drama series”.

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