Posted by on February 15, 2020 12:31 pm
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Author Maura Moynihan unloads on the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press”:

Like many voters, I was appalled when Todd shockingly amplified the slander that supporters of Bernie Sanders are part of a “digital brown shirt brigade” this past Monday, one day before the New Hampshire primary.

Todd has often displayed an ungraceful loathing for Sanders. But this outrageous smear is sorry proof that Todd cannot conduct an unbiased discussion of our nation’s future. NBC must remove him as debate moderator, and his position as host of “Meet The Press” is untenable. …

This is not a partisan matter. If Sanders were on the Republican ticket or with the Green Party, it would be just as abominable for Todd to knowingly conflate his supporters with Nazis. One need not agree with Sanders on issues he has championed to acknowledge that he has served the people of Vermont with dedication and distinction as a mayor and a congressman. As Vermont’s senator, he is respected by colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

We at Newsjones have never been fans of Chuck, whose incessant invocation of stale media tropes ranging from “Democrats remain divided” to “venerable traditions of the campaign season” to “liberals are being shrill again” impels viewers to grab the nearest airsickness bag at least once per episode of “MTP” – and more frequently during its daily iteration on MSNBC.

Read the entire righteous rant here.