Posted by on December 7, 2018 6:19 am
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For Americans, tis the season to conduct a grim survey of booby-trapped rip-offs masquerading as insurance ‘options’

New York sparkles in winter sunshine, the Christmas playlist is on at McDonald’s, and America enters its favourite time of year: health insurance renewal time! A flurry of communications from my insurers informs me that every one of my family’s doctors may have to be changed, as they are deadlocked in negotiation with New York’s leading hospital network. Cheers!

Both parties in this exchange are multibillion-dollar entities, and it is hard to know who to hate most, although a letter from the hospital puts its back into blaming the insurers. They have, I am informed, adopted various “unreasonable demands” – including asking for “deep cuts that would slash more than $200m (£160m) in payments, all while the insurance giant generates billions in profits for its major shareholders”. It concludes by encouraging me to spend what remains of the holiday season seeking out new health insurance.

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