Posted by on January 2, 2019 5:18 am
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Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

A new law designed to require financial disclosure by Russian media outlets in the U.S. will, some congressional Republicans hope, also force more transparency in the operations of media properties headquartered in the Gulf nation of Qatar.

Chief among those outlets is Al Jazeera America, which a group of conservative Republicans have targeted for nearly a year over allegations that it is used to propagandize on behalf of U.S.-designated terrorist groups and surreptitiously promotes the interests of its Qatari government patrons. Al Jazeera vehemently denies both charges.

The outlet may nonetheless find itself ensnared in a new law requiring foreign-owned U.S. television news broadcasters to file periodic reports with the Federal Communications Commission disclosing some information about the financial and operational control exerted over those broadcasters by parent companies abroad.

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