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You never see a Republican candidate do this unless their party knows they have a major scandal on their hands.

Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris indicated on Friday afternoon that he would support a new election for his currently uncalled race if allegations of election fraud are proven true.

Harris, who leads his Democratic opponent Dan McCready by 905 votes in North Carolina’s 9th district, said that his campaign is cooperating with investigators and that he would support holding a new election if the state board determines that illegal activity occurred.

“If this investigation finds proof of illegal activity on either side to such a level that it could have changed the outcome of the election, then I would wholeheartedly support a new election to ensure all voters have confidence in the results,” Harris said in a video posted to Twitter.

Translation: “I don’t know anything about the criminality!”

North Carolina’s board of elections identified political consultant Leslie McCrae Dowless as a person of interest on Friday amid a probe of possible absentee ballot fraud in a disputed U.S. congressional election.

The board has refused to certify Republican Mark Harris as the winner of the Nov. 6 election for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives as it investigates possible fraud involving absentee ballots from two rural counties.

In a statement, the board said it has assigned four investigators to the probe and issued subpoenas to the Red Dome Group, a consulting firm that Dowless performed work for, along with the Harris campaign committee and the campaign for a local Bladen County sheriff candidate.

We have previously written about Dowless, who appears to be a shadowy GOP “operative’ and is a convicted felon. Harris, for his part, is a pastor — and recommended Dowless to other candidates.

What does that tell you about the state of evangelical “Christianity” in Ol’ Dixie? And people wonder why the term “Christogrifter” is catching on in political circles…