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Bartek Kucharczyk/WikiCommons

Daryush Valizadeh, aka “Roosh,” one of the loudest, most vulgar voices in the misogynistic “manosphere” and an infamous advocate for state-sanctioned rape, appears to have found God.

In a recent post on his personal forum, where users come to brag about their conquests and share their best pickup lines, the blogger announced he was “coming out” as an Orthodox Christian. He said he was inspired by the death of his sister, the decline of society, and a recent psychedelic mushroom trip. He titled the post “The God pill.”

“The God pill does feel like the final destination, where life becomes about asking Him for help and performing His will in a way that embraces good,” Valizadeh wrote in the post, which was first reported by the site We Hunted the Mammoth.

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