Posted by on August 20, 2019 9:21 am
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US secretary of state Mike Pompeo acknowledged on Tuesday that Islamic State militants are gaining strength, contradicting Donald Trump’s claims that he had defeated Isis.

“It’s complicated. There are certainly places where Isis is more powerful today than they were three or four years ago,” Pompeo said in an interview with CBS This Morning, while adding: “But the caliphate is gone and their capacity to conduct external attacks has been made much more difficult.”

Good morning everyone! Sabrina Siddiqui here, manning the politics live blog out of Washington.

Famous last words, but a relatively quiet day is expected at the White House where Donald Trump is poised to meet with the president of Romania. Trump, for his part, rounded out his Monday night be reviving his attacks on former aide Anthony Scaramucci and teasing his potential purchase of Greenland.

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