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The Wales forward may think of little other than football and golf but not all athletes are so disengaged with the world around them

It is a fair guess that Gareth Bale, everyone’s favourite top-knot idiot, did not rush from the pitch after Wales’s match against Hungary on Tuesday to inquire how the prime minister got on in his TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn. Or, indeed, bother to ask if we had the same prime minister as last month, when Bale pronounced in an unguarded moment of candour: “I don’t even know who the prime minister is any more … I haven’t got a clue … I follow the golf, that’s about it.”

That is, indeed, about it. In the rarefied field of 2019 Celebrity Disconnection Bale is neck and neck with Prince “I let the side down” Andrew for the gold medal, with only six weeks left in the season. Others might yet make the podium.

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