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One of the best things I own is my Buffy Cloud Comforter. It’s the softest comforter (even without a duvet cover) that I’ve ever used. It’s heavy enough to use in the winter but breathable enough to be used into the beginning of summer. But what about the warm summer nights when you still want another layer? That’s where Buffy’s newest comforter, , comes in. It’s made from100% eucalyptus fiber, meaning it’s breathable and eco-friendly.

The Cloud was launched as an eco-friendly, luxurious comforter made from eucalyptus fiber shell and fill made from recycled plastic bottles. According to the brand’s press release, the is the first time a comforter has been made from 100% plant-based fibers and the first to be made entirely from eucalyptus. Most other eco-friendly brands have “bamboo viscose, straw, milkweed, and other materials.” It’s also fully compostable.

Unlike the traditional grid design of comforters, the Breeze’s unique wave pattern lends strength to its structural integrity and supports the fill, meaning it won’t shift around and clump up as you use it.

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