Posted by on April 23, 2019 6:00 pm
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It’s time to clean up your act and your air is a good place to start. From smokers blowing garbage into the air around your place to natural allergens, dander, and pollen, air purifiers are a great answer to the many agents trying to make you sneeze. So we compiled some of the best-selling and most versatile purifiers.

Levoit’s Home Air Purifier, $73 on Amazon: This No.1 best-selling HEPA filter air purifier lets you customize its speed and brightness, and will get rid of dust, allergens, pollen, odors, and more.

Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan, $350 at Dyson: Perfect for your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter, this is Dyson’s answer to purifiers. A HEPA filter helps reduce virtually all allergens and Dyson’s airflow tech then spits out clean, springy air.

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