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I never like to wear gloves; they just get in the way. So my bare hands are subjected to whipping winter winds and dry air on a regular basis. Hand cream has now become a necessary step in my daily routine. As soon as I get out of the cold, I douse my hands in anything I can find (I keep a Palmer’s Coco Butter and an unscented Lubiderm tube in my desk drawer) and hope the greasiness wears off before I have to type. While they tended to my cracking skin, the smell either never linger enough for me to enjoy it, or didn’t exist at all. That’s where the excels. It moisturizes my lackluster skin and the bright, herbaceous and floral scent stays all day. I put some on as soon as I get into the office, and even after a couple hand washes in the bathroom, the scent remains strong. That’s what I except in a good hand cream, and that’s what you should expect in one too.

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Byredo Blanche Hand Cream, $40

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