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Matt Shea sounds like a really nice guy. Not.

A Washington state GOP politician is facing fallout after he authored a chilling “Biblical Basis for War” manifesto that calls for an end to abortions and same-sex marriage.

Matt Shea, a four-term rep from Spokane who wants the eastern half of Washington to become a 51st state called Liberty, recently admitted in a Facebook Live video that he created the document.

The four-page document, leaked online by Spokane resident Tanner Rowe, includes multiple biblical citations and says vanquished enemies must “stop all abortions,” disavow Communism, prohibit same-sex marriage and “obey Biblical law.”

If they do not yield – kill all males,” the document reads.

The manifesto stems from Shea’s call for a 51st state carved out of Washington, He calims he wants to see a libertarian paradise — but that turns out to be a beard for a Christian-Taliban fundamentalist dystopia. One of Shea’s donors is not so happy that Shea is a full-fledged extremist Christian Dominionist, and

has asked for its money back since the polarizing Spokane Valley Republican took credit last week for a document titled “Biblical Basis for War.”

The political arm of the Northwest Credit Union Association, which represents 180 credit unions in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, gave $1,000 to Shea’s campaign this year but recently asked the campaign to return the money. On Tuesday, a spokeswoman told Spokane Public Radio the association had reviewed Shea’s social media activity and determined “his beliefs do not reflect the views and values of our organization, member credit unions or customers.”

Other contributors appear to be distancing themselves from Shea, who acknowledged in a Facebook video last Wednesday that he had distributed the “Biblical Basis for War” document, which condemns abortion and same-sex marriage and describes violence against those who flout “biblical law.” A day earlier, the four-page document had caused a stir online when a Nine Mile Falls man, Tanner Rowe, made his own Facebook video identifying Shea as the author.

You can see Tanner Rowe’s Facebook video here.