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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ improbable playoff invincibility continues. But spare a thought for the Chicago Bears kicker

It was the double-doink heard around the world. Cody Parkey, for the fifth time this season, hit the upright … and then the crossbar. His failed attempt at a game-winning field goal had cost the Chicago Bears a come-from-behind playoff win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The odds of a kicker hitting the uprights five times in one season are so absurd few watching could believe it had happened, but perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised after an exhilarating game. There was great offense and defense. There were officiating snafus, busted coverages, creative play calls, great clock management, and terrible clock management. Moments of utter brutality were interspersed with astonishing feats of athleticism. We witnessed football near its finest.

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