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Theresa May appears to have entered the final phase of her leadership, with rivals waiting to pounce on the chance to succeed her. Patrick Wintour lays out the route ahead but can anyone stop the clear favourite? Also today: Claire Armitstead on the outpouring of love for children’s author Judith Kerr who died on Thursday at the age of 95

Whether she clings on for now or announces her resignation plans, Theresa May’s premiership appears to be in its final phase. But as rival candidates push themselves forward to succeed her, there is one overwhelming favourite: Boris Johnson.

The Guardian’s diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour, has watched Johnson up close for years – from his time as an opposition MP, to mayor of London to foreign secretary. But, as he tells Anushka Asthana, discerning Johnson’s true political beliefs is not simple; he memorably wrote two newspaper columns arguing the opposing sides on the EU referendum in 2016 before finally deciding to back Brexit.

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