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Adam Bobrow, perhaps the world’s only full-time table tennis commentator, calls himself ‘the most extreme extrovert I know’

Adam Bobrow knows the stakes are high. This table tennis match in Qatar marks Ma Long’s return to the sport after a months-long break following an injury. Long, a Chinese champion regarded as one of the best players of all time, is up against Timo Boll, a German player who has been ranked best in the world four times over. Can “the Dictator”, Long’s nickname, make a comeback?

With Long up two points, the two begin a rapid-fire rally, their shoes squeaking as they dart around the table. Boll returns the ball from far behind the left of the table and sprints to the other side to meet it again. To reach it, he switches the paddle to his right, non-dominant hand, allowing him to make a powerful shot that Long can’t touch. And the crowd goes wild.

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