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Paul Drinkwater/Getty

This awards season thus far has been a scorching, sizzling, flaming mess. Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards just gleefully leapt onto the fire.

From the Oscars’ host fiasco to terrible, tone-deaf films becoming category frontrunners to the struggle to find continued meaning and gravitas a year after the galvanizing first #MeToo-era ceremonies, the Golden Globes was already set in stormy weather. But it also had the potential to clear the skies to much-needed sunshine.

There was tangible excitement for hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, an unlikely and beloved pair. This is the venue where Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey delivered acceptance speeches that doubled as rousing sermons dictating our entire national discourse. Even the Globes’ notorious kookiness was promising: Times are tough, but at the very least we’ll probably get to see Lady Gaga take home an award. What fun!

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