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A third of employees say they have suffered awkward physical greetings from colleagues – even kisses on the mouth

How affectionate are you with your colleagues? If the thought of touching anyone in your office makes you shudder, then you will empathise with those who say hugging and kissing should be banned at work. One-third of employees, according to a survey by TotalJobs, said they had suffered awkward greetings from colleagues attempting to navigate the social minefield of saying hello. “What’s new there?”, you might be thinking. After all, we are British – everything is a social minefield. Count the times you’ve gone in for two kisses when the other person has only expected one.

We are not a nation that is naturally physically affectionate, and though the Europhiles among us may envy the easy intimacy of the French, the fact remains that many of us are uncomfortable with physical contact, even from those we know well. Half my family, for instance, will pat you on the back throughout a hug until you finally pull away and resume the distance between you.

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