Posted by on August 18, 2019 9:46 am
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The US Women’s National Team remains embroiled in a bitter row with US Soccer. The final outcome will affect every woman

When discussing the breakdown in pay and compensation talks between US Soccer and the US Women’s National Team, the presenter on ABC’s Good Morning America said to stars Megan Rapinoe and Christen Press, “What if you lose? Do you have a plan?” Quick as a flash, Press quipped: “I think you’re asking the wrong people ‘what if we lose?’” Boom. Dropped mic.

Prior to that, Press had said their equal pay talks were “actually about women everywhere being treated respectfully in the workplace”, later adding: “When we show up to a game that we get compensated the same way that a man would for showing up to the same game because on this issue, there is no social equality for women without financial equality.”

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