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It has been hard to follow during his barren spell, not least because much of it could be viewed only through the fingers

Brexit, Trump, the hot priest in Fleabag, Israel, Messi, Ronaldo: there are plenty of hot-button topics guaranteed to spark friendly debate among the reasonable and well-meaning folk travelling together peacefully on the information superhighway. But few subjects have quite the polarising effect of Tiger Woods.

On one side of this divide Woods is regarded as perhaps the greatest athlete of all time, a star whose genius and dedication redefined his sport and whose recovery from ill health and raging against the dying of the light is a redemption tale sure to resonate through the ages. On the other are bloviators who take disproportionate offence at indiscretions which are none of their goddamn business and would do well to dial back the pious indignation quicksmart. Not that you will catch me taking sides.

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