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A discussion about the lack of transparency about the circumstances surrounding the death of Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick on Jan 6th. led “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough to push for the Democratic-majority Congress to immediately begin hearings on the Donald Trump-inspired insurrection.

Speaking with MSNBC regulars Eugene Robinson and Mike Barnicle, Scarborough expressed frustration that interest seems to be waning in investigating the day when right-wing extremists stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s election win.

More than that, the MSNBC host said he wanted answers why “hand-appointed” officials in Trump’s administration delayed sending the National Guard to the rescue of lawmakers who had to flee for their lives as Capitol Police were overwhelmed.

“We’re not a very patient country, and Joe Biden can’t do anything about it right now and the Speaker of the House [Nancy Pelosi] can’t do anything about it right now,” Barnicle lamented. “It’s just plain, good old-fashioned professional police work, investigative work that’s being done.”

“Well, Mike, I mean, the FBI, are they going to tell us why the Pentagon took too long? “Scarborough suggested.

“Sure, they’re going to tell us,” Barnicle replied.

“Is that not the responsibility of the committee that has jurisdiction over the Pentagon?” Scarborough continued. “I mean, they send up people that weren’t even there. I mean, I want to know what Donald Trump’s hand-appointed flunkies to the Pentagon after he fired [Defense Secretary Mark ] Esper, I want to know what they said on that day. I want to know, did they get phone calls from Donald Trump? Did Donald Trump tell them to drag their feet when it was time to send out the National Guard?”

“Or were they just so scared from what happened on June 1st that they weren’t going to send them?” he added while referencing the battle between peaceful protesters and the National Guard during Trump’s visit to St. John’s Church. “These are questions that I think Americans need to know and some of these answers are going to have to come, I believe, from the committees that have jurisdiction over whether it’s over the Pentagon or whether it’s over the funding of the Capitol Police, or whether it’s over the funding of other institutions that failed them that day.”

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