Posted by on March 16, 2021 6:49 am
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Someone on former President Donald Trump’s legal team created a “dossier” filled with false allegations leveled at Dominion Voting Systems, and now former Trump officials are pointing fingers at one another to avoid culpability as the company shells out defamation lawsuits against them.

The Daily Beast reports that the dossier was handed out to state legislators last December to give them talking points about how Dominion supposedly stole the election on behalf of President Joe Biden.

Although the dossier’s author is listed on its cover sheet as Trump campaign legal volunteer Katherine Friess, she’s now insisting she had nothing to do with it, and she’s pinning the blame on former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro for distributing the report.

“The difficulty in identifying an author for a report which Trump’s team once seemed happy to brag about underscores the extent to which the looming threat of lawsuits by Dominion Voting Systems has cast a pall over veterans of the effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election,” reports The Daily Beast. “Lawyers for Dominion have filed $1.3 billion lawsuits against Trump personal lawyer Giuliani, pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, and pillow magnate Mike Lindell for their alleged defamation of the company’s voting software, with more suits reportedly on the way.”