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The patronising interviewer, who is a landlord, demonstrated the contempt with which many landlords view renters

On Monday I had the weird experience of going viral on Twitter after an altercation with a Sky News journalist. Following the government’s announced plans to scrap section 21 eviction notices, I was invited on to Sky News to talk about the time I was served such a notice in February. I made a complaint about the serious disrepair in the flat I have been renting with a friend since August. We now have to get out by the end of the this month.

As it stands, section 21 gives landlords huge power over our lives and discourages renters from making complaints or requesting repairs, for fear of section 21 revenge evictions. Since 2015, around 140,000 other tenants have been victims of revenge evictions making section 21 the leading cause of homelessness in England, displacing huge numbers of working people and migrants from their communities each year.

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