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Very few journos showed up for the press conference held by Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl to promote claims that special counsel Robert Mueller committed sexual assault.

The accuser, identified by Wohl and Burkman as “Carolyne Cass,” did not show up — but a giant rat did.

The man behind the rat was brilliant political prankster Claude Taylor of MadDogPac.

Some of those present were committing journalism on the spot…

… and noticing a few unwelcome details…

… along with incredible claims about a “client.”

The Twitterati unanimously claimed the entire affair a craptactic dumpster fire of crazy:

Should you care to watch the entire mess:

Daily Beast:

A press conference intended to publicize sexual assault claims against Special Counsel Robert Mueller collapsed in spectacular fashion on Thursday, after the pro-Trump operatives behind the event failed to demonstrate a grasp of even basic details about their accuser or explain why they had repeatedly lied about their project.

Read it all here.