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In a blatantly racist new ad President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have accused Democrats of helping people they call Central American “invaders” overrun the United States with cop killers.

The ad was posted in a presidential tweet and firmly established this president as the most divisive leader this country has seen in many decades. Never before has such inflammatory rhetoric been used this close to an election day.

Eric Levitz:

The “Willie Horton ad” is among the most infamous campaign commercials in American history. Developed by allies of George H.W. Bush in 1988, the ad accused the Democratic presidential nominee of supporting a policy that allowed convicted murderers to leave prison on weekend furloughs — and claimed that said policy had enabled an African-American convicted killer named William Horton Jr. to rape a woman, and stab her boyfriend. …

Thirty years later, the United States has grown far more tolerant — of wildly racist and unethical campaign advertisements.

On Wednesday, the president of the United States released a web video that accuses “Democrats” of trying to flood America with psychopathic cop killers. Specifically, the ad recounts the story Luis Bracamontes, an undocumented immigrant who was deported twice before reentering the U.S. and killing two sheriff’s deputies in Sacramento, California, in 2014. In the video, Bracamontes brags about his crime, and vows to kill more cops if he’s ever let out of prison. Viewers are then treated to footage of (ostensibly) Central American asylum-seekers who are headed to the U.S. border, and implies that there are many men like Bracamontes among them.

In 2018, the Republican president felt comfortable tweeting out a video that baselessly accuses the entire Democratic Party of allowing a Mexican criminal into the United States, and then suggests that, because one undocumented Mexican immigrant commited a horrific crime, we should presume that a caravan of Central American families — who are traveling to the U.S. border to seek legal admission to our country through the asylum process — is a major threat to American national security.

Trump has set back race relations and the struggle for equality by more than half a century. It is time to fight back.