Posted by on March 15, 2019 8:24 pm
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When Lilly Singh finally addressed her return from a social media hiatus in January, she announced some changes. Instead of her biweekly YouTube videos, she’d now upload only sporadically to her hugely popular “IISuperwomanII” channel in order to focus on her promising new production company Unicorn Island. She’d just come back from a two-month break, spurred by content-generating burnout. But as is her signature, she ended the video with a positive sendoff: “This is the evolution of Lilly, and I’m really stoked about it.”

What she didn’t mention was that the evolution of Lilly would soon see her becoming a barrier-breaking late-night host. Singh is taking over for Carson Daly as the host of NBC’s third late-night show, formerly known as Last Call With Carson Daly. She made the announcement Thursday night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, announcing that A Little Late with Lilly Singh will premiere sometime in the fall. Seth Meyers later made a surprise visit to toast Singh as the newest addition to NBC’s late-night trio.

“An Indian-Canadian woman with her own late night show? Now that’s a dream come true,” Singh told NBC News. “I’m thrilled to bring it to life on NBC, and I hope my parents consider this as exciting as a grandchild.”

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